Electrosport RC

RC means radio controlled vehicles, drones, and planes in an indoor facility.

Electrosport RC is a place to enjoy the hobby.

Wednesday night there's serious racing. On Fridays, it's a night out. Saturdays and sundays are for day time play.


  • Wednesday Night Buggy Racing, lights go on at 5:30 pm, $20 one class, $30 for two
  • Weekends are just $20/driver per day
    • Friday Nights, lights go on at 5:30 pm
    • Saturday 10 to 4pm
    • Sunday 10 to 4pm

What can we do there?

  • 20' x 80' indoor crawler course
  • 40' x 80' indoor sand bashing area
  • 60' x 100' hard clay race track
  • Indoor drones and Park Flyer Planes

What's allowed?

  • 1/10th scale or less
  • Electric motors only, 7.4 volt battery or less
  • Drones to have guards on rotors; flying privilege can be revoked if safety requires it.

How to pay?

  • Payable in advance
  • Send payment by email to ward@electrosportRC.com
  • It will normally auto-deposit to edward yaternick. Desjardins doesn't support auto-deposit, so please use this password electrosportrc

Why RC is important

  • A fun way to get exercise and gets away from computers and phones for a while.
  • Make some friends, have a few laughs, in a welcoming and safe environment.


Search: 1600 Bankfield Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K4M 1A4

Great Access via highway 416

Once you arrive